Has a Computer Created the Model Female?

Avatars? Stepford models? Paper dolls?

Avatars? Stepford models? Paper dolls?

In a case that draws on equal parts Avatar, Stepford Wives, and a Barbi paper doll collection, Swedish fashion chair H&M is drawing fire after it admitted to using computer-generated models to show off a line of swimsuits. The company received complaints that it was creating an unrealistic body image for women and a false reality generally.

It you look closely at the models in the ads, you notice that all the models have the same body, posed identically. The only differences are the faces, hair, skin color, and, of course, the swim suits.

In the Swedish daily that broke the story, Wendela, a spokesman for H&M said the technique was used to simplify photoshoots. “The result is strange to look at, but the message is clear: Buy our clothes, not our models.”

Yeah….  Right.



  1. Steve Krause

    Wow, no photoshoots to setup, no models to hire. Talk about saving a lot of cash to create the latest catalog!

    A bit interesting. I wonder how many models will be put out of business as more and more clothing manufactures turn to software over real flesh and blood…

  2. Brian Burgess

    Good point! Models won’t need to worry about being anorexic and such.

  3. Vadim

    What’s wrong with Anorexic?

    • Quintus

      Anorexic is a eating disorder. It’s not to uncommon for models to just stop eating to become more “slim”, but some models take this to the extreem and stop eating alltogether and still think they look fat. That’s Anorexia.

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