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Boycott Apple was a trending topic the past few days on Google+ since the highly publicized guilty verdict from the Apple vs Samsung trial. Here are some of the funniest things users have shared.

#BoycottApple was one of the trending topics on Google+ the past few days, after a jury has decided that Samsung must pay $1 billion to Apple for copying key elements of its products. Whether you believe Apple should be boycotted or not, some of the things people have shared regarding the topic are really funny.

boycott apple

Some of them I knew, some I’ve seen for the first time now. I chose some of my favorites, but, if you’ve found some funnier ones, feel free to leave them here in a comment.

Here’s one I liked a lot, bringing forth the not-so-original things that Apple has “borrowed from Android”. It was shared from

things apple borrowed from android

Another one I liked quite a bit was shared on Google Plus from quickmeme and it says that Apple has no problem stealing ideas, but sues others for doing the same. Is that true, I wonder?

apple stealing ideas

I don’t know the source for this next one, but an iPhone user I showed it to has had a good laugh.

personalize android apple

This next one was posted by Thinktank Social and I wonder, with Apple already thinking what Samsung products to ban, if this is how the future will look.

judge fridge

On the more offensive front, there’s this picture, posted by MediaCo.


Also, you’d better be creative when you design a front gate. Because if you’re not creative, you just might be sued, as this picture implies…posted by Google+ user Mike Keller.


Last but not least, another cartoon, also on Laughedge and shared as part of the #boycottapple topic, is quite brilliant.

apple patent everything

These were my selections, but, as I said before, I’m waiting to see yours. I know I had a good laugh choosing them.

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