BLUETTI: Power Up Mom’s Day with Innovation


BLUETTI offers a perfect blend of technology and utility, making this Mother’s Day extra special for Moms across the globe.

Mother’s Day is an exceptional time of the year when we express our heartfelt appreciation for the tireless efforts, and endless dedication mothers invest in their families. One of the most innovative ways to celebrate this special day is with BLUETTI’s premier portable power solutions. BLUETTI is rolling out a special promotion from May 6th to 18th, marking a unique opportunity to gift your mom something she’ll cherish.

Unplug and Unwind: BLUETTI’s Portable Power Stations Light Up Your Outdoor Getaways



Imagine a tranquil camping trip with your mom, nestled amidst nature’s wonders. To add an electrifying touch to such excursions, don’t forget to pack along BLUETTI’s portable power stations – the EB3A, EB55, and EB70. Compact, lightweight, and incredibly efficient, these power stations, about the size of a shoebox, can simultaneously fuel multiple devices, from laptops to fans, lamps, and drones.

Capture beautiful moments, brew a cup of fresh coffee, or even organize a surprise movie night under the stars. These power stations guarantee an uninterrupted power supply, letting you stay connected while enjoying the serenity of nature.

Empowering Memorable Road Trips with BLUETTI



Gifting memorable experiences is a thoughtful way to celebrate Mother’s Day. Plan a road trip with your mom, and let BLUETTI’s AC series, including the AC200P, AC200MAX, and AC300, ensure a smooth journey. With capacities ranging from 2,000W to 3,000W, these powerhouses can effortlessly power most RV appliances, offering the luxury of a home away from home.

Whether it’s enjoying a sunset dinner or ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep with a CPAP machine, BLUETTI’s solar generator guarantees a peaceful and enjoyable trip. Producing no noise or pollutants, this power solution is the ideal companion for your RV adventures.


BLUETTI AC300 & B300

For longer journeys, consider the AC300, an expandable power station that can store between 3,072Wh to 12,288Wh of power when paired with B300 batteries. This green power solution can be recharged quickly through solar panels or your car, ensuring a constant power supply throughout your trip.

BLUETTI AC500 and EP500: The Gift of Power and Convenience

Celebrating moms shouldn’t be confined to just one day a year. It’s a round-the-clock, year-round commitment. If you’re looking for a gift that makes your mom’s life not just easier but also more secure, BLUETTI’s AC500 and EP500 home battery combo are excellent choices. These high-capacity battery systems are equipped with a responsive UPS function that springs into action within milliseconds of a power outage, ensuring safety and peace of mind.



The AC500 is not just another product. It’s a star modular power station that raised a staggering $12 million on Indiegogo, with the support of over 5000 backers. This speaks volumes about the confidence and trust that users have placed in this remarkable innovation. When paired with the B300S battery, the AC500 demonstrates incredible versatility with a flexible capacity range from 3,072Wh to 18,432Wh. This powerhouse combo can easily handle extended power outages, ensuring that life at home goes on as usual.

For instance, consider a common 360W AC fridge, an essential appliance in every household. The AC500+B300S combo can keep it running for up to 43.5 hours, safeguarding your food from spoilage during lengthy power disruptions. An electric oven, central to preparing warm meals, can operate for around 22.4 hours. Even high-energy appliances like a 1800W air conditioner can be kept running for about 8.7 hours, ensuring comfort during unexpected blackouts. And let’s not forget the 1000W coffee maker, which can continue serving up your morning brew for approximately 15.7 hours.

On the other hand, the EP500 is an all-in-one solar generator that’s perfect for powering large events or a variety of home appliances. Its easy mobility makes it a user-friendly choice for diverse power needs.

In essence, gifting your mom a BLUETTI power system is about offering her an uninterrupted, secure life, even in the face of unexpected power outages. It’s not just about celebrating Mother’s Day; it’s about ensuring peace of mind 365 days a year.

Saluting Super Moms with BLUETTI


BLUETTI extends warm wishes to all incredible mothers worldwide. Whether you’re planning a road trip, a camping excursion, or looking for the perfect gift to secure your mom’s home, BLUETTI’s portable power solutions can transform this Mother’s Day into a memorable experience. BLUETTI is not just about celebrating mothers for a day, but it’s about empowering them every day. With a potential savings of up to $700, there’s no better time to start planning your Mother’s Day celebrations.

As part of their ongoing promotion, BLUETTI is also offering a unique referral program. Each dollar your friends spend earns you a BLUETTI buck, and your friends get a 5% discount. To learn more, visit our BLUETTI refer-a-friend page.

A Commitment to Green Energy: BLUETTI’s Legacy

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Since its inception, BLUETTI has been passionately committed to promoting sustainable and green energy solutions. Their innovative line of eco-friendly energy storage solutions caters to both indoor and outdoor needs, providing exceptional experiences for homes while contributing to a sustainable future for the planet. This unwavering commitment to green energy has seen BLUETTI expand its reach to over 100 countries, winning the trust of millions of customers globally.

With BLUETTI, the future of power storage looks brighter, and this Mother’s Day, they are making it a day of celebration and empowerment with gifts that are both practical and mindful of our environmental responsibilities.

Final Thoughts

BLUETTI’s unique blend of cutting-edge technology and practical utility offers a thoughtful gift for this Mother’s Day. Whether it’s providing a seamless outdoor experience or ensuring safety during power outages, BLUETTI’s power solutions are more than just gifts – they’re an investment in a sustainable and secure future.

So, this Mother’s Day, consider going the extra mile. Instead of traditional gifts, offer your mom the gift of convenience, safety, and peace of mind with BLUETTI’s innovative power solutions. After all, isn’t that what our super moms deserve?

The best.

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