BLUETTI Launches Eco-Friendly Trade-In: An Upgrade That Saves

Embrace the future of power with BLUETTI’s Trade-In program: an affordable, eco-friendly path to modernized energy solutions.

Leading portable power station producer BLUETTI is paving the way for environmentally conscious practices within the tech industry. In a recent move to curb electronic waste and promote sustainable living, the company unveiled its Trade-In program, “Upgrade with Ease, Save the Planet with Us.” This venture not only offers customers an economical pathway to upgrade their BLUETTI power stations but also underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to eco-friendly operations.

Understanding the BLUETTI Trade-In Process

The Trade-In initiative by BLUETTI is a unique program tailored to reward the conscious consumer. It allows owners of BLUETTI’s EB55, EB70, and EB70S devices to trade their old models in exchange for a site-wide coupon that can be used to save on new BLUETTI products. The eco-friendly program ensures older units find new owners or have their components recycled responsibly, mitigating the harmful impacts of electronic waste.

How the BLUETTI Trade-In Program Operates

The process is crafted to provide a hassle-free experience for customers in the United States and Europe. The trade-in request is initiated on BLUETTI’s website, where customers can select which units they want to trade-in and receive a quote. Once the trade-in quote is accepted, customers ship their devices back to BLUETTI for inspection to confirm the condition of the device.

If the returned unit is in good working condition, customers have the option to receive a trade-in coupon for future purchases or obtain a refund with their new order. However, if the unit doesn’t meet the initial description, BLUETTI offers a revised estimated trade-in value. At this point, the customer can either accept the new quote or reject it. If the customer chooses to reject the new offer, the unit is sent back, with the customer bearing all shipping costs.

Exploring Upgrades: BLUETTI’s Exciting Offerings

BLUETTI offers a variety of options catering to diverse power needs and upgrade options:



Spotlight Offer: The AC200Max

The AC200Max is a potential upgrade for owners of the EB55 and EB70S models. This popular model boasts an expanded battery capacity, providing power from 2,048Wh to a maximum of 8,192Wh or 6,144Wh with B230/B300 expansion batteries. With 16 outlets and 2,200W of power, the AC200Max stands ready to serve high-powered home appliances to smaller devices. It also features 900W solar, 1,000W dual AC, and 1,400Max dual AC+Solar inputs for swift charging, guaranteeing a reliable power source. Additionally, Bluetooth capabilities offer real-time power consumption monitoring and remote control through the BLUETTI app.


BLUETTI AC300+B300 Combo

Spotlight Offer: The AC300+B300

The AC300+B300 combo offers an advanced power solution with a more substantial capacity than the AC200Max. The AC300 is a 3,000W pure sine wave inverter that needs to pair with B300 packs for a capacity range of 3,072Wh to a maximum of 12,288Wh. The combo can support two 1,200W solar arrays courtesy of its dual MPTT solar controllers allowing it to charge at 2,400W. With a modular design, dual charging capabilities, and 16 outlets of power, the AC300+B300 combo is well-suited for emergency power needs, camping, or an extended off-grid living scenario.


BLUETTI AC500+B300S Combo

Spotlight Offer: The AC500+B300S

The AC500+B300S power station, one of BLUETTI’s flagship models, is a comprehensive solution designed to address diverse power requirements, be it for home backup or off-grid living scenarios. Exhibiting a massive flexible capacity of up to 18,432Wh, the AC500+B300S combo can keep your home humming for days on end. Alongside this high capacity, the 5,000W pure sine wave inverter is engineered to manage high-demand appliances such as air conditioners and power tools, demonstrating the model’s versatility and raw power output.

In a nod to sustainability and longevity, the AC500 employs BLUETTI’s durable LiFePO4 battery, typically boasting a lifespan of a decade. However, where the AC500+B300S truly stands out is in its charging efficiency and robust UPS functionality. With a substantial 4,500W AC input and an impressive 3,000W solar input, it prioritizes swift and sustainable power harnessing. The notable highlight here is the AC500’s UPS function, which, combined with a max dual AC+Solar input of 8,000W, provides a seamless power transition in less than 20ms during outages – a crucial feature for maintaining a consistent power supply to your essential devices.

Trade-In Values and Considerations

BLUETTI has specified the trade-in values for eligible units: up to $190 for the EB55 model and up to $240 for the EB70/EB70S. These maximum values are for undamaged units. Factors such as man-made damage, inoperable buttons, and water damage can significantly lower the trade-in value, potentially reducing it to $0. Nonetheless, BLUETTI still provides a $10 off coupon for orders over $1000.

While the company does accept trade-ins without original cables, it requires original packaging for the safe and secure transport of units. Customers who no longer possess their original packaging can apply for free packaging online via the BLUETTI website.

BLUETTI’s Ongoing Commitment to Green Energy

The launch of the Trade-In program is another step in BLUETTI’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. The company continually strives to offer eco-friendly energy storage solutions for indoor and outdoor use, intending to provide unparalleled experiences for consumers while contributing to the planet’s sustainable future. This commitment has allowed BLUETTI to gain the trust of millions of customers worldwide, expanding its reach to over 100 countries. As we move forward into an increasingly digital age, BLUETTI remains at the forefront, championing sustainability in the tech sector.

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