BLUETTI Launches EP900 & B500 Home Battery System in the US

bluetti EP900 home power

BLUETTI’s home energy storage system is coming to the US. Learn more about the launch of the BLUETTI EP900 & B500 home battery system.

At the end of 2022, BLUETTI announced its first energy storage system for homes: the EP600 & B500 combo. This system has already made its way into the homes of thousands of satisfied customers all across Europe. Now it’s the turn of the US.

By the middle of May, US homeowners will be able to get their hands on the BLUETTI EP900 & B500 home battery system, a product specifically tailored to the US market.

You can integrate the EP900 into the grid to offer emergency backup power whenever needed. You can also combine it with existing solar panels to provide a storage system for your surplus energy or to allow you to make use of your solar energy even during the night. Not only that, but you can even sell some of that surplus energy back to the grid, offsetting your costs even further. It means that you no longer need to rely on power from the grid to keep your home appliances running night and day.

The modular nature of the EP900 allows you to add B500 expansion battery packs, expanding the capacity from 9.9 kWh all the way up to 39 kWh, which should be more than enough for most homes. Adding a maximum of four B500 batteries allows you to produce 9Kw of pure sine wave output power. With single-phase and three-phase inverters, the system is a great fit for both your home and business.

System Highlights

bluetti clean energy source

  • Up to 9kW continuous output
  • Modular design with a capacity from 9.9 kWh up to 19.8 kWh
  • Seamless 24/7, uninterruptible power supply
  • 10-year warranty
  • Works with both new and existing solar panel systems
  • Safer LiFePO4 battery cells and an intelligent battery management system
  • No-hassle installation and on-site service
  • Sell generated electricity back to the grid
  • Easy to control and monitor with the smart BLUETTI app
  • IEC62619, UL1973, UL9540A, UN38.3, EN/IEC 61000-6-1, EN/IEC certified

Power Whatever Your Emergency
bluetti ep900 home power

Storms are something we’re having to learn to live with. Reports state that more than half a million homes in the US lost power on Christmas Eve in 2022. Summer only brings the threat of more extreme weather. With energy supplies more vulnerable than ever, power shortages are a real possibility. The good news is that you can prepare yourself for these eventualities.

With the BLUETTI EP900, you have peace of mind. That’s because if the power goes out, the 9kW output and capacity of up to 39 kWh ensure you’ll have the power to keep your appliances running and the lights on. That’s more power and more performance than you’ll find with other power stations from most competitors across the market.

Store Solar Energy to Use Day and Night
bluetti ep900 power security

Solar systems harness the power of the sun and convert it into ready-to-use energy. For obvious reasons, solar systems generate the majority of their energy in the morning and afternoon, when many of us are away from home.

The BLUETTI B500 battery pack allows you to store the energy generated during the day to use at night or when there’s not enough sunlight to meet your needs. It means that you can run your appliances day and night, all from the power of the sun.

In addition, if you generate more energy than you need, the BLUETTI EP900 has been certified to allow you to sell electricity back to the grid, ensuring an even better return on investment.

Reduce Bills with Peak Load Shifting

store, sell, use

With energy prices soaring, the EP900 and B500 combo can utilize the Peak Load Shifting function to help reduce your monthly bills. Activating this feature through the BLUETTI app means that your EP900 can be charged with low-price grid power outside peak hours. When peak hours arrive (usually 4 pm to 10 pm), instead of using the more expensive power from the grid, you can turn to the power you have stored in your home battery system. It means you can run appliances during peak hours without paying peak prices.

Your batteries are also designed for long life. The LiFePO4 cells offer up to six times longer life than lithium batteries and are also the safest option since there’s no risk of them overheating and catching fire. The 10-year warranty ensures peace of mind for years to come.

The EP900 is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, with IP65 water and dust resistance. The protective case will keep your EP900 running smoothly even in the harshest conditions, including rainstorms, snowstorms, or even dust storms.


The BLUETTI EP900 battery system is set to launch at the end of April or early May. Whilst we’re still waiting for more details about the price point at launch, the EP900 is one of the most highly anticipated products coming out this year.


We’re long-time fans of BLUETTI here at groovyPost, and with good reason. The company has more than a decade of experience helping millions of customers in more than 70 countries around the world to build a sustainable future through green energy storage solutions. Their products can help you save money and save the planet. For more information, visit the official BLUETTI website at or visit their social media pages listed below.

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