Google Blogger App Released for iPhone and iPad iOS

Blogger releases ios app It’s been available on Android for 6 months and today Google managed to squeeze its Blogger App through the Apple App Store Gestapo.  The App is available on both the iPad and iPhone and any other iThing out there I’m guessing…

The app is simple and it runs much smoother than the previous mobile web-app interface.  You can add photos and text, and instantly create new blog posts or small memos.  If your device has a camera, the Blogger app will allow you to directly upload photos.

family trip blogger app screenshot blogger app screenshot

So far, the app is only available in English, however Google reminded everyone that you can still use the app to write posts in any language you prefer.

Note:  Requires iOS version 3.2 and higher

The app is free to “purchase” on the Apple Appstore, so if you have a Blogger account – try it out!

1 Comment

1 Comment

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