Bad Piggies Joins the Angry Birds Universe

Rovio’s new game, Bad Piggies is part of the Angry Birds series, but this time you get to play from the pigs point of view.

Bad Piggies is the latest game by Angry Birds maker Rovio and this is time you get to play from the Pigs’ point of view.

bad piggies angry birds loading

While the point in the Angry Birds series is to destroy stuff and wreak havoc as much as you possibly can, things are completely different here. The point in the levels is to use strange items to build strange machines.

bad piggies angry birds building

The point of these machines is to get to the birds’ eggs. It’s more complicated than you’d think and very different game play, even from Angry Birds Space, a game that had a different approach to the series.

bad piggies angry birds finish

Bad Piggies is already available for the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android devices. The iPhone version is $0.99 and the iPad HD version is $2.99. For Android users the game is free.

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