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Minecraft Pocket for android review

Top of the news, for me, anyway, was Minecraft. It’s now available from the Android Market. To find it, search “minecraft pocket” or just click this link. Minecraft Pocket sports the groovy little 3D grass square we all know and love, made by original Minecraft developer Mojang.Surprisingly, the app is nice and compact at just 2MB. That’ll work fine on even 3G connections. Stellar. And on last thing on Minecraft. Make sure you download the free demo to test it on whatever platform you’re running — before you buy it!

Also in the news this week, AT&T finally made good on its CES 2011 promise and delivered the 12 new phone it promised — in fact, there are now 18 in total. New today to the line-up are five new smartphones. Top of the line is the Motorola Atrix 2. Tricked out with a 1GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, actual 4G tech via 21 Mbps HSPA+ circuitry, 1GB RAM, a 2GB microSD card expandable to 32GB. An 8 megapixel camera (video recording at 1080p) and an additional front-facing camera. The Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” high-end Android entry will hit the market in mid November, execs said. Here’s our run down of the five Android phones out today, and also check out or ultimate smartphone comparison guide for a full list of high-end Android and iOS phones from 2011.
Samsung Captivate Glide – The At&t baked version of the Samsung Galaxy II. Includes a physical slide-out keyboard, 4 inch screen, 1GHz Dual Core Tegra 2 Processor, 1GB RAM, and an 8MP rear camera.
Samsung DoubleTime – The budget flip-keyboard phone. 3.2 inch screen and less impressive specs than the others.
Pantech Pocket – The compact phone. 4 inch screen, 5MP rear camera.
At&t Avail – The prepaid phone. 3.5 inch screen, 5 MP rear camera. 512MB RAM.


Samsung is re-entering the 7- inch tablet scene with its revamped Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (aka P2). The new iteration of the tablet features a dual-cre 1.2GHz CPU, 3MP back and 2MP front cameras, 8GB LPDDR2 RAM, expandable microSD slot, and a resolution of 1024 x 600 over a 7 inch screen. The tablet is currently available for pre-order at a price of $399 for the 16GB model and $499 for the 32GB model.

And finally, should we be playing Taps for RIM. The call is growing louder for Research in Motion to explore a sale of all or part of the company. On Tuesday, the Jaguar Financial Corporation, a Canadian activist investor that is leading a campaign to agitate for change at RIM, the BlackBerry maker, announced on Tuesday that it had the support of shareholders representing 8 percent of the company’s shares. Read more on RIM via DealBook.

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