Apple Updates their iPods, Apple TV and News on Game Center

Apple iPod Touch

Apple has just released 3 New iPods in their latest music event making a great addition to their product library and also surprised customers with lots of other goodies and news that we’ll quickly cover right now.

iPod Touch

Apple released a new iPod Touch that’s packed with new features including a slimmer iPhone-3GS-Style body, a Retina display, a Camera with HD Recording, a Video Call camera for FaceTime, and the all new Game Center which will bring users into an Xbox-Like environment game apps on their iPods.


iPod Nano

The brand new iPod Nano gives users a new way to experience their music with a small multitouch touchscreen display, an eye-catching new design and a variety of colors to choose from.  Most surprisingly, the software really resembles the iPhone, so developers will surely think of fun little apps you can play on the new nano.


iPod Shuffle

Apple has taken their latest iPod Shuffle released today to a completely “smaller” level.  The new model of the iPod shuffle features the buttons that many Shufflers missed in the previous version.  The new Shuffle also includes compatibility with the Apple Genius feature.


iOS 4.1

Apple will release the long-awaited iOS 4.1 updates for the iPhone and the iPod touch next week. The update will include bug fixes, the all-new Game Center released today, AND the ability to rent TV Shows on the go.

Apple TV

Today Apple also released a new version of the Apple TV – the Apple TV now has an HDMI Port and can play Full HD 1080p shows. You will also have the ability to view all the photos and videos from your home iTunes library thanks to the built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi antenna. The Apple TV will also get a soon-to-come upgrade to support the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. With the update, you will be able to stream all shows and videos from your Apple devices directly to your widescreen TV. All in all the new Apple TV does pack a punch, mostly with its unique price of only $99 (down from $299).  Did I mention it is also going to support Netflix streaming?  Yeah… VERY GROOVY.  The only thing that pisses me off is I didn’t buy any stock on Netflix a few weeks ago!  Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to be happy about the new Apple TV rather than getting Rich!  <smile>  Honestly, I’ve been trying to get Media Streaming to work with Windows 7 and my XBOX 360 but it is just SO SLOW…  If Apple does it right, this thing is going to be a hit.

So what do you think? Which one of the new Apple products are you looking forward to the most and what product are you going to preorder?



  1. George Ain't Curious

    Danm, I shouldn’t have bought that ipod touch 6 months ago. Oh well maybe I can ebay it and save up for the Samsung Galaxy tablet that is coming out (iPad killer big time)

  2. Vadim

    Samsung Tablet? Wonder what the pricepoint will be. Apple has its work cut out for it now. What OS will it be running? Android I assume?

  3. Mavis Carrano

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