Apple Updates Apple TV to tvOS 11.3 and Here’s What’s New

In addition to updating all of its other devices, Apple rolled out a new update for Apple TV with tvOS 11.3. Here’s a look at what’s new.

Apple today rolled out updates to its devices across the board including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Macs, and Apple TV with tvOS 11.3. Today’s update is for the fourth-generation Apple TV and the newest Apple TV 4K. Here is a look at a few of the more notable changes to expect.

One Home Screen

Information stored on your Apple TV is also saved to your iCloud account which allows you to get back to business if you have to restore the box for some reason. With this update, your home screen layout is now included with that backup. This will allow you to have the same screen on each TV if you have multiple devices. Or, if you did need to reset the box, you will have your original home screen layout back when you need it.

One Home Screen Every Apple TV

Data & Privacy

Apple has made some transparency changes across all of its devices with this latest iOS and tvOS update. When you start opening your apps after the update, you’ll see a privacy icon with a link to details about the data Apple is collecting and how it’s being protected.

 Data and Privacy tvOS Apple TV

It’s interesting to see these privacy changes come at a time when Facebook’s privacy policy has been under scrutiny the past couple weeks. Still, it’s great to see Apple provide more transparency when it comes to privacy when using all its devices and services – including Apple TV.

Other New Features

You can now see what events are happening live and what’s coming soon with supported channels connected via the TV app. This is in addition to adding live news to the TV app earlier this year. You can stream music video via Apple Music without sitting through ads. You can also create video playlists. There is Match Content support and automatic frame rate switching (previously only available on the 4K version). There is support for automatically switching from one video to another with the new AirPlay devices as well as other bug fixes and performances updates. You can see more on the Apple Support Page.

If you don’t have your set-top box set to receive automatic updates, you can get tvOS 11.3 by heading to Settings > System > Software Updates > Update Software.

Do you own an Apple TV or other Apple device that was updated today? Let us know how things are going in the comment section below.

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