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Apple TV Gets Five New Content Apps

When you get home tonight, flip on your Apple TV and you’ll see five new channels waiting for you. Apple did an over-the-air update on Tuesday and brought new content for you and your kids. The new content apps include:

  • Disney Channel
  • Disney XD
  • The Weather Channel
  • Vevo
  • Smithsonian Channel

New Apple Apps

You don’t need to update your Apple TV to get these new content apps either, which is welcome news if you’ve Jailbroken your Apple TV 2.

New Apple TV Channels

The Disney channels will have content for your kids and you’ll need to provide your TV provider information to access them. Disney XD

The Weather Channel allows you to select your area for current weather, forecasts, streaming content clips from the channels popular shows.

Weather Channel

Vevo is the popular and growing music video app that’s already on several other platforms.

Vevo Music Videos

The Smithsonian Channel has cool full streaming documentaries, clips, and other unique programming.

Smithsonian App

Earlier this year Apple TV was updated with ESPN, HBO, Crunchyroll, SkyNews, and Qello.

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