Apple’s New iPhone to Feature Thinner Screen {Rumors}

According to recent reports, Apple’s new iPhone will feature a thinner screen. Here’s the scoop…

According to the  most recent Apple-Rumor-Mill…. the next version of the iPhone will feature a thinner screen.

iphone 4s

Don’t get me wrong. Nobody knows for sure when the new iPhone will come out (it wasn’t at Apple’s WWDC, although there were rumors suggesting it), or what its specs will be. Still, a lot of reports, usually quoting “sources familiar with the matter”, show up every day.

Anyway, the latest iPhone rumor is quite an interesting one. The Wall Street Journal says that the new iPhone is set to feature a thinner screen (it has found that out from “people familiar with the matter”, of course). It adds that Sharp and Japan Display Inc. are already mass-producing the new screens.

There’s an even more interesting aspect to this – the way it’s made thinner is that the touch sensors are part of the LCD, so another layer, responsible for the touchscreen (but making the whole thing thicker), wouldn’t be necessary anymore.

If that were true, Apple’s life would be made easier, by eliminating a supplier, and also by gaining room in the new iPhone’s case. That would give the engineers quite a few options; fitting in a larger battery, in order to compensate the larger power consumption of better hardware would be an option. It’s also possible for the device to have a larger battery life (provided the power consumption remains the same); or it could be thinner altogether.

There were also rumors of Apple putting a bigger screen into the new iPhone – which would make a lot of sense, since the most important competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S III, has a 4.8 inch one (the latest Apple smartphone, the iPhone 4S, has a 3.5 inch screen).

According to the same article, analysts say the new iPhone could drop in the fall. Still, you never know, with Apple’s secrecy…

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