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Apple Lists iOS 6 Feature Availability

The new iOS 6 that will also be present on the newly released iPhone 5,  has quite a few new features for you to enjoy. The availability of these features, though, depends on the country you’re in. That’s why Apple has put out an availability “road map”.

iOS maps

The list is called iOS Feature Availability and it lists which features are available in each country.

There are some features which only will be available in a handful of countries. For example, 23 countries get traffic info in the new Maps app and the number is even smaller for restaurant reservations or movie reviews in Siri – just three countries get that.

According to the list, the US is the luckiest nation from this point of view. It’s the only country that gets all of the features on the list, including 3D Buildings in Maps.

The iOS Feature Availability list is a useful thing to check out so you know what to expect from you new iDevice in your country.

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