Has Apple Named its New Tablet the iPad HD?

The closer the release date for the new iPad gets, rumors on the new device continue to spread. The latest rumor is focused on the name — iPad HD? Hmm…

The closer we get to the iPad 3 release date, more and more rumors are hitting the net about Apple’s new iDevice. And honestly, who can blame the world for wanting to know about the latest revision of tablet which has changed the world as we know it. Broad statement I know however we would be pretty hard pressed to find a segment of any industry which hasn’t been impacted by these devices.

So the question is, what will Apple be calling their new iPad 3? According to rumors popping up, some say Apple is leaning towards the iPad HD based on a reported upgraded to the retina display.

ipad 2

Where are these rumors coming from you ask? Well it’s a known fact that accessory manufacturers get some device specs before the release date from Apple, so are all set with accessory products for when the device is on the market. It’s no surprise Griffin document made its way into a Gizmodo reader’s hands mentioning a Griffin iPad HD case. It remains to be seen whether this is confirmed or not. The same article quotes Romanian Apple blog iDevice, saying that their forum has been accessed by a device which Tapatalk says is an iPad HD. Tapatalk is an app that allows users to access forums. The interesting thing is that their statistics also show that the site has been accessed by a device at a 2048 x 1536 resolution, which is the rumored resolution of the new iPad.

These are all, of course, just rumors, but people have to do something until the new tablet is out! Everybody hopes for something spectacular, but then again it will sell even if it won’t be, won’t it?

What do you think? If you were the Apple CEO, Tim Cook what would you name the new iPad? Drop us your ideas in the comments!

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