Apple Releases iOS 10.3.1 – What’s Included and Should you Upgrade?

ios10-3-1 update

On the heels of last week’s major iOS 10.3 update, Apple has just released a minor point update, 10.3.1 yesterday. Let’s review what’s included as well as my recommendation if you should upgrade your device.

On the heels of last week’s major iOS 10.3 update, Apple has just released a minor point update, 10.3.1 yesterday. No real shocker here, 10.3 was a massive update that included features like a new file system called APFS, which improves the performance, reliability, and security of Apple devices. If I were to guess, we should expect a few minor updates like this one now that 10.3 is in the wild and getting a lot of testing from users.

What’s Included in iOS 10.3.1?

The update is quite small, coming in at just 28 Mbs. Users can update over Wi-Fi or from within the iTunes software. For such a small update, though, I wish Apple would at least let me download it on my mobile data. Release notes for iOS 10.3.1 are very minimal but one thing caught my attention: a fix for a known vulnerability found in the Wi-Fi chip, which could potentially allow an attacker to execute malicious code. Here is a list of additional security fixes:


Available for: iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later, iPod touch 6th generation and later

Impact: An attacker within range may be able to execute arbitrary code on the Wi-Fi chip

Description: A stack buffer overflow was addressed through improved input validation.

CVE-2017-6975: Gal Beniamini of Google Project Zero


The update only applies to Apple devices such as the iPhone 5 or later; iPad 4 or later and the iPod Touch 6 later. If you haven’t upgraded to iOS 10.3 yet, make sure you follow our guide about how to backup your device before doing so.

Should you Upgrade?

I’m always in favor of updates that focus on bug fixes and closing security exploits, therefore, it should bring stability to your device vs. adding more issues. With this in mind, I highly suggest you update your device if you’re already on 10.3.

Let us know how the new update is working for you in the comments. I am interested in knowing how the latest version is handling older devices such as the iPhone 5 and iPad 4.

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