Apple First Quarter Results: Through the Roof!

It would seem that nothing can stand in Apple’s way towards world domination. Even if the iPhone 4S was seen as a disappointment, that doesn’t mean the company can’t sell the things anyway…

And if you thought Steve Jobs’ passing would make the company go down, think again: the only way seems to be up.

The first-quarter figures Apple posted today have every reason to make Tim Cook one very happy CEO. He has made no secret of it in the press release.

Here’s the big picture: for the quarter ending on December 31, last year, the revenue of $46.33 billion, profits of $13.06 billion and $13.87 per diluted share.  This, compared to $26.74 billion revenue and a net quarterly profit of $6 billion for the same time last year (the share was at $6.43).

Here’s some perspective on the earnings — Apple made $46 billion in 12 weeks or… $383,000 a minute or $22 Million an hour! Wow… that’s a lot of iDevices!

And here’s another interesting fact (probably the most interesting for me, as I’m into smartphones more than anything). The number of iPhones sold in the quarter was (hold on to your seat) 37.04 million, a 128% increase over the same time last year. Apple has also sold 15.43 million iPads in the quarter (the increase was 111% here).

The number of Macs sold has also grown to 5.2 million, a 26% increase. The only area where things are going down is iPods – 15.4 million – 21 percent down from the same time last year. The iPod decrease in sales is quite understandable. If an Apple fan buys an iPhone, why would he carry another device around when he can listen to music on his smartphone? I’m sure Apple doesn’t mind since the iPhone price point is well above the iPod.

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