Flipboard for Android Updated to Support SoundCloud and other Audio Streams

If you’re a fan of SoundCloud, then the latest upgrade for the Flipboard Android app is sure to please. It even plays audio streams from other websites.

Flipboard is a popular app for reading web content in magazine-style format. In it you can customize content from RSS feeds, Twitter timelines, and other news sources all in eye-catching flip-board format. Most content on Flipboard is from popular news and entertainment sites in the form via RSS feeds, but a recent update now includes audio sources such as music and podcasts in a variety of categories. Ready try it out? I am, so here we go.

To check out the new feature, hit the Search icon on the top right corner of the app screen. You should see a category for Audio.


This brings you to the Audio menu, where you can choose from Flipboard’s curated content or from a single source. Audio sources include NPR Fresh Air, PRI’s The World and Lifehacker. To add a source, simply tap on the plus sign beside its name.


The audio page has a Play button by default, with the audio clip’s length indicated above. You can tap on the Play button from here. A music button on top provides another layer of playback controls where you can pause, or go to the previous or next clip.


Audio clips are left playing in the background while you navigate to other Flipboard pages, unless stopped manually from the main audio page.

The update also integrates SoundCloud accounts to stream playlists straight from the Flipboard app.

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