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Today is the launch of the mega-sale. Over the years, we’ve covered Amazon tips in details which will make today’s savings even better. Let’s dig into each of them now.

Today, July 16th, is the global launch of Amazon Prime Day. We’ve got some tips and tricks to maximize your purchases. With some planning, you can score some serious bonus points, literally.

Start at Whole Foods Today

As long as you’re a Prime member and have the Whole Foods app, you’ll get $10 to spend for Prime Day. If you’re going grocery shopping, do it before or during Prime Day. That will score you $10 off any Prime Day order, even if it isn’t a Prime deal.

Whole Foods is busy on the weekends, and they are running some Prime Day specials, too. You need to do some prep work in advance, so you don’t hold up the line and have people roll their eyes at you:

  1. Download the Whole Foods Market App
  2. Log in to your Amazon account
  3. Make sure you show the QR code at checkout

I shop at Whole Foods often. I see people get frustrated because they don’t remember their Amazon password since it’s stored in the browser for them.

If you don’t feel like grocery shopping on Prime Day, the promotion doesn’t appear to exclude gift cards. Whole Foods sells its own gift cards as well as Amazon gift cards.  You could, in theory, buy a $20 Amazon gift card and use it online.

Bring Your Amazon Prime Credit Card

If you don’t have one of these, you’re out of luck for this deal.  Maybe you could go shopping with a friend. Whoever has the Amazon Rewards Visa card will get 10% back in points rather than the normal 5%.  The promotion is limited to $400 between July 11th and July 17th.

Or Use Another Credit Card And Buy Gift Cards

Suppose you don’t have an Amazon Prime Credit Card or a friend to go shopping with, no worries. Now’s the time to look at points you get with your credit card and figure out what a good deal might be.

For example, I have a Chase Freedom card. I get 5% cash back at Walgreens and gas stations. Both those places sell Amazon gift cards. That means I’m going to get 5% on those purchases. My Costco Visa gives me 3% at gas stations, too, to go crazy with the points.  Other cards offer benefits at grocery stores, which also sell Amazon Gift Cards.

Get The Earn With Drop App

I’m a big fan of this program.  When you give it your credit card info, it earns points with select brands.  They offered me options to earn at Whole Foods and Amazon, so I earn points every time I shop there. With those points, you can get free Whole Foods gift cards. Note that not everyone gets the same brand offer. A friend of mine didn’t get an option for Whole Foods or Amazon, so your mileage may vary.

Or Keep it For Yourself

Not feeling charitable? That’s fine. If you haven’t used the Amazon App before, download it and get $10 off any purchase of $20 or more. That option won’t work with Amazon Smile since you have to use the app.

If you’ve already taken that $10 deal, try using Ebates affiliate gateway. You’ll get between 3%-5% in specific categories.  You can’t use Smile and Ebates together since only one of them gets the credit.

Don’t Overpay, Use An Extension

While Amazon prices are competitive, sometimes they aren’t the best.  Another retailer might have a lower price.  You might need to use a coupon code to get that deal.  Check out some suggested browser extensions to find the best price on Amazon-listed items.

Get Cash Back If You Do

If you find a lower price after Prime Day, you might be able to get some cashback if you use the right credit card with price protection. Obviously. Amazon’s Prime Visa doesn’t have this feature.


If you don’t feel like checking prices after the fact, try installing Earny. It checks your email for Amazon purchases and price drops. If Amazon’s price drops on the product, it takes care of all the behind-the-scenes work and charges you a small percentage for the cashback.

Get More Prime if Your Delivery Is Late

Although we’ve covered it before, getting credit for late delivery is easy. With so many purchases that day, the odds are in your favor that something might be late.  Don’t let that money sit on the table. A quick five-minute online chat with customer service gets you that extra month.

Why Isn’t Prime Day on a Prime-Numbered Day

I’m just curious. Jeff Bezos didn’t ask me, but I think 7/13 or 7/17 would be a better day since they are all prime numbers. Oh well. Enjoy your Prime Day purchases even if the day isn’t a prime number.

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