Amazon MP3 $2 Free Credit–Good Until April 22

Amazon just won’t stop giving out free MP3 credit, and we’re not complaining. Snag $2 worth of songs instantly with this groovy freebie.

Amazon is at it again! In celebration of Amazon Moms, you can now instantly redeem a $2 MP3 credit for your Amazon account. This deal is active until midnight April 22nd, but it must also be used before then or the credit will expire.


To redeem your $2 credit, visit this redemption page and enter the code MOMROCKS.



  1. Brian Burgess

    Sweet. Just got two songs I’ve been wanting for a while…nice find dude!

  2. harvey cobb

    What department of Amazon do i click on once i am in their home page. I tried entering the code in the gift card codes section and it wouldn’t accept it

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