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Ever wish you could customize most of the components on YouTube and other video sites? Find the right extension for the job.

Update: This extension is no longer active or supported.

If you’re a YouTube junkie, you know about some of the annoyances on YouTube. Every user wishes they could change or disable, advertisements, autoplay options, and more. If you want to change it to your own preferences, give YouTube Options for Google Chrome a try.

With YouTube Options for Chrome, you can disable advertisements, change screen resolution, disable comments, and much more. The extension also works with many other video hosting websites including Vimeo, DailyMotion, Metacafe, and others.

To get started, go to the Chrome Web Store and install the YouTube Options extension (Link Below). You’ll need to authorize it to access data on different websites and your browsing history. Just click on Add button to continue the installation.

YouTube Options 1

It starts working right after you install it. Open any YouTube video and you’ll see it removes things on the page like users’ comments, video descriptions, related videos, and any other component that might affect the video playback.
YouTube Options 2

If you want to change the basic playback settings of YouTube videos, click the YouTube Options extension icon in the address bar.

YouTube Options 3

It displays basic settings which allow you to hide or show different areas like user comments, related videos, etc. It also lets you change the screen resolution, Filtering, and loop options. For more detailed settings click Options.

YouTube Options 4

This shows three different tabs which you can modify — Video, Layout, and Sites. Under Video Settings, you can change the default video quality, screen resolution, behavior (hide ads and other annotations) playback settings, and more.

YouTube Options 5

Under Layout, you can change the appearance of the video page by removing headers and other components.

YouTube Options 6

Under the Sites tab, it shows a list of other video sites the extension works on. Do note that not all the options are available on each site.

YouTube Options 7

If you want to customize and improve your YouTube viewing, the YouTube Options extension for Google Chrome is very useful.

Download YouTube Options Extension for Chrome

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