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Watch YouTube on Android Anywhere on Screen in a Floating Window

If you have an Android tablet, you might want the ability to watch YouTube videos while working in other apps. With a free app, YouTube, and a tablet or Android smartphone with a large screen, then you can. Here’s how.

Floating YouTube Popup Video

First install the free app: Floating YouTube Popup Video from the Google Play Store.

FLoating YouTube Popup Video

Now just launch the native YouTube app on your device and start watching a video.

launch YouTube

While watching the video, tap the Share icon. Then from the list of apps tap Floating YouTube Player.


The video you’re watching will appear in a smaller floating window that you can drag anywhere on the screen, and resize to your liking.

Floating YouTube Window

You have the ability to use other apps on your device while watching the video in the floating window. For example, here I’m browsing the web while a video is playing.

Chrome with YouTube Floating

Or here I can browse through articles in the Flipboard app while watching a YouTube video. Groovy!

flipboard with YouTube Floating

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