Xbox 360: Use Cloud Storage to Save Games and More

One of the new features in the Xbox 360 Console update is Cloud Storage. With an Xbox Live account, you get 512MB of free storage. This allows you to save your games and pick up where you left off from any Xbox 360 console.

Saving to the cloud is just like saving to a memory card connected to your console. You don’t have to carry the memory unit around with you. Your game saves, Microsoft points, Dashboard backgrounds, achievements and more are saved on Xbox Live servers.

To enable your Cloud Storage account, make sure you’re signed into Xbox Live. Then from the main menu, navigate to Settings >> System.

System Settings

On the System Settings screen select Storage.


Next, select Cloud Saved Games – Configure Device.

Cloud Saved Games

Select Enable Cloud Saved Games.

Enable Cloud Storage

After enabled, you’ll find Cloud Saved Games available in Storage Devices.

Storage Devices

You can now move games saves, profiles, achievements and other data you want to Cloud Storage. Here I ‘m going into the local disk storage.

Memory Unit

Copy or Move game saves to Cloud Storage like you would if using physical storage.

Copy Game Save

Now you can log into your Xbox Live account and have everything you stored in Cloud Storage available to you. Much easier than carrying around physical storage – which is easy to lose.

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