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Wordpress for Android How-ToAndroid is getting pretty big these days as most everyone can tell, and that’s fueling the Android app market big time. One app I’ve found myself using a lot lately is the WordPress App. for Android (hmm imagine that!)  It’s a great app for all of us bloggers out there who need to update articles or comments on the run.  Today I’m going to give you a full screenshot tour of the App, as well as the basics of how to set it up to get you groovin’ with Android and WordPress.

Step 1 – Download WordPress for Android (it’s free!)WP-Android-QR

Go to the Android Market from your device and search for “wordpress,” the top result should be WordPress by Automattic, Inc. Alternatively, you can use a barcode scanner on your device and scan the QR code to the right; this will take you directly to the app.

Scan the Q Code to grab it on your android

Wordpress by Automattic in the Android Store

Step 2 – Install the App

Just tap Install

Wordpress on Android install screen

Allow the app to have access to the needed systems by tapping OK

Wordpress on Android install disclaimer on privacy

You can pull down your shade and see it installing; I like doing that

Wordpress on Android install screen

Step 3 – Open the App and Configure

Scroll down in your apps and find the WordPress icon; tap on the WordPress icon

Wordpress on Android icon in home screen - dock


Wordpress on Android version 1.33

Accept License Agreement by tapping Accept

Wordpress on Android EULA

Now you’re presented with several options. You can Start a new blog at WordPress.com, Add existing WordPress.com blog, or Add existing WordPress.org site. These can be confusing if you’re not super up on how WordPress operates.

If you have a HOSTED WordPress blog and you log in from wordpress.com, then you can use the Add existing WordPress.com blog option.

If you have your own website hosted somewhere other than WordPress.com you most likely are going to use the Add existing WordPress.org site option.

For this tutorial we’re using our self-hosted WordPress, so we’re logging into this as Add existing WordPress.org site

Wordpress on Android Setup Menu - Add existing Web site

Input your account details: Blog URL, username, password – then tap save

Wordpress on Android blog account setup
And it’s ready for use!

groovyPost setup

Using the Android WordPress App

Tap your blog title as seen in the previous screenshot, and you’ll see a screen that looks like this (see below.)

From here you can browse your comments, posts, pages, and stats – IF you have permissions! Sometimes you may just be a contributor or an author so that you won’t have access to some of the features in this app, and you’ll get an error message.

Tap Posts and we’ll look at a few articles I’ve written

Wordpress on Android create post

Tap the plus (+)a, and you’ll be shot right into the editor to begin creating a new post

Create new post button
It’s quite a robust editor for only being a mobile device app; you have the basic functions that you’d have in your web editor. You don’t, however, have the advanced “kitchen sink,” or the code view, but this app isn’t meant to be your everyday tool for blog posting.

write a new post WordPress on Android
Wordpress on Android more post settings

Back out of the post editor using your device’s back button, and now tap your device’s menu button; from there tap Blog Settings

Wordpress on Android Posts review - drafts

From here you can scroll down, and you’ll find the Location section. Here you can choose if you’d like to have your posts Geotagged – by default, this setting is off.

Wordpress on Android Add geotag settings on media

Now let’s back out to the main screen where it shows us our blogs; you can do this by tapping your device back button twice. Then tap your device menu button and choose Preferences.

Wordpress on Android Preferences

You can choose your comment notification settings and create a unique Post Signature so that people will know you posted from your Android device

Wordpress on Android Comments

Managing Multiple WordPress Accounts

This process is super easy to do with the WordPress App. From the main WordPress screen, tap menu on your device then tap Add Account. Follow the same steps as before, and you’ll be groovin’ with multi-blog management from your Android device!

Wordpress on Android Add a new account

So what do you think – is this app groovy or what? Comment below and let us know what you think!

About the Author: Jordan Austin

Web designer and developer by day, groovyContributor by night. Feel free to drop a note below for Jordan or chase him down on his personal blog missingdesign.com.



  1. shockersh

    Nice. Looks much better than the app for the iPhone. How is the app for managing comments?

    • jordan

      The comment management isn’t too bad you have the following options: Mark Approved, Mark Unapproved, Mark Spam, Reply, and Delete.

      I think the only thing that’s missing is the option to actually edit the comments. Maybe we’ll see this option in the next version, which is currently in beta.

      • shockersh

        Well I don’t care much about editing comments so that should be enough. I’m still on the iphone but that might change soon when my plan expires. ATT coverage sucks and I’m ready for a change I think away from the iPhone prison. Only thing that will hurt is the apps but oh well…

        • jordan

          Yeah if you don’t care about editing comments this app is pretty sweet for managing your blogs.

          Any idea what Android device you might look at getting?

  2. Robert

    I just installed wordpress on my Galaxy S and it realy works great!!!

    btw, checkout wiggersrobert.wordpress.com. Ill be adding posts over the coming weekend from my phone.

    • Robert

      Ive mad a concept post on my laptop. A day later, i want to edit the concept with my Galaxy S but the concept isnt there. It is on the laptop, but WordPress on the android cant find it.
      And does WordPress for android have the option to save posts? Cause i was writing a long blog in the train, and when it was ready to publish, wordpres gently told me an error happend, and i lost the blog, over 1000 words, 3 hours work………

      And 9 out of 10 times WordPress crashes. So far, its not realy something for me.

      • Jordan Austin

        I usually only use this app when making changes or quick posts. The WordPress app for android does have a way to save posts, two ways actually. One would be to save it to your actual android device, the other is to upload the post without publishing it. If you use the latter you need to make sure you do have an internet connection and make sure your don’t check the “Publish?” check box.

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