Microsoft Word for Mac 2016 Tip: Generate Random Text

Microsoft Word for Mac 2016 has a nice feature which generates random text. Here’s the details on how it works and how to customize it.

Since the release of Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac Preview, I’ve found myself using my Mac more and more at work. Each month that goes by, Microsoft is releasing new updates for the Office Suite improving both its stability and feature set. Although it’s still a far way off from its Windows counterpart, Office 2016 for Mac is a huge upgrade over Office 2011 for Mac for sure.

One of the features I use all the time on the Windows side of things is the Lorem Ipsum and Random Text generator. Unfortunately Word for Mac doesn’t yet have a Lorem Ipsum generator however it does have a random text generator which can be very handy when writing a document or blog post and you need dummy content. Here’s how it works.

Step 1

Type =rand() into your word document and press the enter key.

Word 2016 for Mac Random Text Generator

Random Text will be inserted into the document which looks like the following.

Word for Mac 2016 Random Text

You can customize the output of the random text generated by using the following syntax:

  • =rand(paragraphs,sentences)

For example, if you enter =rand(5,3) it will create 5 paragraphs each with 3 sentences.

As I mentioned earlier, the current version of Word for Mac 2016 doesn’t have a Lorem Ipsum generator yet…. Hopefully someone from Microsoft can spin up a DCR and sneak it in before its final release this summer. Please?  ;)

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