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Windows SkyDrive: Create and Share an Office Document

Microsoft has revamped SkyDrive and it’s incorporated with Windows 8 and the new Office 2013 suite. With the addition of Office Web Apps, you can create and share a document directly from SkyDrive.

Create Office Document in SkyDrive

Log in to Windows SkyDrive with your Microsoft account. Click Create and select the type of document you want to create from the dropdown menu. Here I’m creating a new Word document.


Next, give your new document a name and click Create.

Name New Office Document

Now begin creating your new document using Office Web Apps. Like with Google Docs, your document will periodically be saved, but for assurance, make sure to save it when you’re finished. I’ve noticed that once in a while updates to documents weren’t able to be recovered successfully.

Creating Word Document Web Apps

Share Document from SkyDrive

You can share the document with others so they can read or collaborate on it too. Click the File menu tab on the upper left of the screen.

Web Apps File Menu

Then from the menu click Share.

Share from Within Document

Then you have the option to share it with select people or get an embed code to post it to a web page.

Share with People or Embed

Here I’m sharing the document with another colleague by entering their email address. It also lets you post a link to the document to Twitter or Facebook. You’re also able to enter a message about the document for the recipient and select if you want to give them Edit rights or send it as read only.

email link to share document

Or, you can click Get a Link to get a link to the document you want to share and paste it into an IM client.

You can also share any document in SkyDrive by right clicking it and selecting Share.


The recipient will get the email message with a link to the document.

Link to shared document

Edit A Shared Document

To edit a shared document, log in to SkyDrive if not already and you’ll see the document in a read only format. If you have edit privileges, click Edit Document >> Edit in Web App.

Edit Document in Web Apps

Or, you can edit it in Word on your desktop if you have Office installed. This gives you more functionality to edit the document with the full power of the Office app.

Document Opened in Word 2013

The groovy thing about Web Apps is the recipient doesn’t need to have Microsoft Office installed and can even edit a document from an iPad.


You can also use Office Web Apps to edit attached documents in

Access SkyDrive Outllookdotcom

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