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Identify a Song That’s Playing with Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 can identify a song you hear in a few seconds. Similar to apps like Shazam or SoundHound, but just by using Bing that’s already in the OS.

How many times has a song been playing and you’re wondering the band or artist that sings it? Press the Search touch key on your Windows Phone 8 smartphone at the bottom of your device. This will open the Bing search screen.

One of the icons on this screen has a musical note on it. Press that icon and make sure your smartphone is close to the speaker the music. Your phone to be connected to the internet, of course.

Windows Phone 8 Identify a Song That’s Playing Bing

Bing starts to listen to the music that’s playing.

Windows Phone 8 Identify a Song That’s Playing Listen

And soon enough you’ll get your answer. You’ll also get a link to buy the music.

Windows Phone 8 Identify a Song That’s Playing Result

I think it’s a great feature, since it doesn’t need Shazam or other apps to find out what the song that’s playing is.

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