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Get the Windows 8 Task Manager Features in Windows 7

One of the things Microsoft updated in Windows 8 is Task Manager. It has a more user friendly interface, provides more information, and is easier to use. If you want to get the features of the new Task Manager in Windows 7, check out DBC Task Manager.

Here’s a look at the Processes tab in Windows 8 Task Manager. It’s a a lot more user friendly and easier to use for tasks like disabling startup programs.

Windows 8 Task Manager

DBC Task Manager has a similar UI as the Windows 8 Task Manager, and some of its functionality. It doesn’t require installation, and won’t replace the existing Task Manager in Windows 7.

DBCTaskManager Windows 7

It doesn’t give you all of the features of the new Task Manager, but is a good start and offers something different for drilling down apps that are taking up system resources in Windows 7.

System Resources

It’s currently a work in progress and you can download the 32 or 64-bit version of DBC Task Manager from

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