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Windows 8: Switch Between Running Tasks the Easy Way

You can easily switch between running tasks in Windows 8, the same way you can in Windows 7 – by using [Alt] [Tab] keyboard combination.

Here’s what it looks like in Windows 7.

Windows 7

In Windows 8 use the same [Alt] [Tab] keyboard combination to switch between desktop and Metro UI apps.

Windows 8 Task Switch

You can point to any program on the task switcher to select it. Or if you’re on a tablet you can swipe left of right through the programs.


Use the Windows Key + Tab to switch between the full screen of running desktop or Metro UI apps.

Metro Apps

Desktop Apps

Then to switch from desktop view to Metro UI, simply press the Windows Key. This is the way the Windows 8 Developer Preview works now with keyboard shortcuts, if anything changes with the Customer Preview or the final release, we’ll definitely be covering it.

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One Response to Windows 8: Switch Between Running Tasks the Easy Way

  1. Sergey Nikolayev June 8, 2012 at 3:02 pm #

    In metro style you have to start sliding in previous task on the left side of the screen and then slide it back out of the screen, so list of tasks would popup on the left side.

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