Log On to Windows 8 with a Four Digit PIN

Want a faster way to log in to Windows 8? Here’s how to create a four digit pin to log in easier — perfect for tablets.

A new feature in Windows 8 is the ability to log on with your Windows Live ID then Create a PIN number. This gives Windows 8 tablet users a quick logon option. If you have a PC or Laptop you can use this feature too.

Create a Windows 8 Logon PIN

On a tablet, swipe from the right edge of the screen to the left to bring up the Charms Bar and Select Settings. Or on a PC use the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + C then select Settings.

Then in PC Settings select Users and Create a PIN under Sign-in Options. 

Select Windows 8 users

Next type in your current Microsoft Account password.

Now enter in a four digit PIN twice and click Finish.

The next time you need to log on to Windows 8, you’ll be prompted to enter in the PIN you created. 

Windows 8 Login

The cool thing about a PIN is you don’t need to hit the Enter or click an extra icon or hit Enter. You’re logged in after typing in the fourth digit of the PIN.

If you need to log in when there isn’t an Internet connection available, check out this article on logging in with a local account.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. semage bloom  

    this tutorial does NOT work… keep getting message saying ” error in capturing pin, try again later”…. I have , for 3 weeks, and still get same message!!! HELP!!

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