Set Up Parental Controls for Windows 8

Using the Parental Control feature in Windows 8 helps you monitor the computer activity of your children. Here’s a look at setting up and using it.

Windows Store, Games and Apps Restrictions

This lets you decide the type of games and other Windows Store content your kids can access. If you have games installed on your system, you can block or allow specific games.

game restrictions

Here you can select the game ratings that are appropriate for your kids. You can also block games that have no rating.

Game Ratings

There’s also the ability to block apps installed on your system. Here’s a list of the Metro apps installed on this machine.

Metro Apps Approved

You can block MS Office and other apps you’ve installed as well.

Apps to Access

Whether you’re trying to protect your kids from inappropriate content, or just grounding them for poor grades on their report card – there’s a setting in Parental Controls to handle the job.


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