Give Windows 8 a Cool New Look with High Contrast Mode

Until Windows releases the Consumer Preview – rumored for release February 29th of this year, there isn’t many way to customize its look. Today I‘ll show you how to make it display in High Contrast mode, which looks pretty awesome.

Launch Windows 8 Developer Preview and tap or click Control Panel from the Metro UI.

Windows 8 Control Panel

Next, scroll down and select Ease of Access Center.

Control Panel

Now, next to High Contrast move the slider to the On position.

Windows 8 Turn High Contrast on

Give your system a few seconds to make the changes. When it’s done here is what you’ll see.

Ease of Access High Contrast

Here are a couple of shots of what the main Metro UI looks like in High Contrast mode.

High Contrast metro UI

high contrast 2

If you’re looking for a way to change up the scenery of Windows 8 Dev Preview, this is a groovy way to do it.

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