Windows 8: Get Weather Conditions from Multiple Cities

In Windows 8 Developer Preview, the Weather app is set to Anaheim, CA by default. Here’s how to get a summary of weather conditions from your location and several other cities at once.

From the Metro Interface click on the Weather app.

Windows 8 Metro UI

The Weather app opens to Anaheim, CA. Right-click near the bottom of the screen. From the menu bar click Add City.

Default Weather

Type in the city that’s closest to your location. Then select the city as the result comes up. Click Add.

Add City

The weather conditions and extended forecast display on the screen.

Specific City

Add as many cities as you want. To see a summary of each city you entered, right-click near the bottom of the screen and click Summary View.

Summary View

This will give you the weather conditions of each city you entered.

Multiple Cities

To remove a city, while in Summary View, double click the city you want to remove.

Select City

Right-click near the bottom of the screen and click Remove City.

Remove City

Now in Summary View, the city you removed will no longer appear.

City Removed

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. don

    December 3, 2011 at 8:29 pm

    yet it still stays on the block widget thing.
    Any thoughts on how to remove that.

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