Windows 7: Use Dropbox as a Library

If you use Dropbox and the Libraries feature in Windows 7, you can use them in parallel. Here’s how to add Dropbox to Windows 7 Libraries.

Click Start then Documents to open Windows Explorer.

Start Menu

In the right panel you’ll find the list of Libraries.

Click on Libraries to open the default Libraries in Windows 7.


Next, click on New Library.


Name the new Library Dropbox.


Now right-click on the Library you just created and select Properties.


In the Dropbox Properties window click Include a Folder.


Browse to your Dropbox folder. Highlight it and click Include Folder.


The My Dropbox folder will be listed in the Library Locations field. Click OK.

Dropbox Properties

That’s it. Now you have easy access to your Dropbox folder when you have Windows Explorer open.

Dropbox Libraries



  1. Ralph Bender

    December 8, 2011 at 7:35 am

    How do we get the library to show the Dropbox icon instead of the default icon?

    • Devyat

      December 10, 2011 at 9:29 pm

      Here’s the How-To Geek’s article on changing the icon of Libraries ( His two options:

      1. Install a third-party program called Library Icon Changer (via deviantArt or H-TG’s mirror copy

      2. Editing the xml file of the library. You can either direct it to a .ico file of your choice, or if you’re using a DLL, you have to know the exact number position of the icon you want to reference. (I tried option 2 a while back and had some difficulties pinpointing the exact icon that I wanted in the DLL and just gave up.)

      The method I used…
      3. Add the Dropbox folder to your Favorites instead of adding it as a Library. It keeps the Dropbox icon and you can easily customize it through the Windows 7 interface (right click, Properties > Change icon).

      I think it’s actually kind of funny that the author wrote this tutorial with specificity to Dropbox, because as you can see from the second screenshot at the top of the page, Dropbox is included in his Favorites folder AND it keeps the Dropbox icon, so why add it as a Library? However, it is an excellent tutorial on adding custom Libraries :)

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