Windows 7: How To Set Up Homegroup Sharing

If you get a new Windows 7 computer over the holidays, check out the Homegroup feature. It lets you share files, folders and printers between other Windows 7 systems over your home network.

Note: You can only use the homegroup feature on a home network. The Internet connection needs to be set to Home.


Click Start and type: homegroup into the search box and hit Enter.
Start Menu

Next, click Create a Homegroup.

Create Homegroup

On the Create a Homegroup screen, check what you want to share with the homegroup. Click Next.

Homegroup Sharing

Windows will generate a password for connecting to the homegroup from another computer. Make sure to copy it if you want to use it. Click Finish.

Homegroup PW

You not stuck with the homegroup password the system generates. On the Homegroup page click Change the Password.

Change Password

On the next screen click Change the Password.

Change Password

Type in what you want to use for the new password.

New Password

Success. Click Finish.

Password Changed

Now on another Windows 7 system you’ll need to join the homegroup. Type: homegroup into the Start menu search box.


You’ll see the homegroup you just setup available. Click Join Now.


Select what you want to share with the other computers that join the homegroup. Click Next.

Select Documents

Type in the password for the homegroup. Click Next.

Enter PW

Success. Your computer has joined the homegroup.


Open Windows Explorer and you’ll find the Homegroup – expand the folders to access the files you shared.

Windows Explorer

Computers that are part of the homegroup will be able to access the files with each other.

Win Explorer

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