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Vine Is Now Offering Private Messaging: How to Use It

If you’re a Vine user, there’s good news. The Twitter-owned service is now offering private messaging. It turns the service into a video messaging service, making it more useful for you.

Private Video Messaging in Vine

Using the new private messaging feature on Vine is easy. These screenshots are taken in the Vine Android app, but things are not too different in the iOS app.

Start by sliding your finger from the left to the right side of your Vine screen.

Vine Private messaging main

Or you can also tap the new dedicated button.

Vine Private messaging button

In the next screen that appears, tap the button that looks like a camera to start recording your message.

Vine Private messaging capture

After that, you know the drill: the app will record when you hold the finger on the screen and stop when you remove it.

Once done, it will compress the video and finish things up. The speed at which this is done depends on your tablet or phone’s specs, but it shouldn’t take long. After all, it’s six seconds or less.

Vine Private messaging finishing

After your video is ready, select who you want to send it to. You can go with Vine friends or anyone in your address book.

Vine private messaging receiver

The receiver will get a notification and will be able to watch it almost immediately.

All messages are available to view at all times and are organized in conversations. This is a good idea if you communicate with someone often, but can also be a bit confusing at times.

Vine private conversation

All in all, the new feature works quite well and it could help Vine move into a completely new direction and provides a new way for private mesaging..

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  1. Steve Krause April 9, 2014 at 9:37 am #

    Everyone wants to get into the messaging business… Thnx for the tip Bogdan.

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