View Instagram Photos on Twitter Again in Chrome

Twitter and Instagram aren’t getting along lately, and you can’t view photos in Twitter from Instagram. Here’s how to change that in Google Chrome.

If you follow news regularly, you must have read that Instagram has pulled out support for photos in Twitter. Previously, when you shared photos from Instagram on Twitter, it showed the images in Twitter cards. But now it only shows you link to Instagram image which opens to the Instagram page. Thanks to the InstaTwit extension for Google Chrome, users can now view Instagram photos in their Twitter timeline.

Simply go to Chrome Web Store and install InstaTwit for Google Chrome. Once installed, all you have to do is refresh your Twitter timeline and it will display the image in your Twitter time, either shared by you or any person you are following.


There you have it. If you are a Instagram and regular Twitter user, it is a must have Google Chrome extension for you.

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