How to View and Edit Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

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Want to do things faster when using Gmail? We’ll show you how to enable, view, and customize keyboard shortcuts in Gmail.

As you probably already know, keyboard shortcuts give you quick ways to accomplish tasks. Whether you use them for most everything or just simple actions, they can often be easier than navigating through menus to find what you need. And like most apps, Gmail provides a set of keyboard shortcuts you can use.

Here, we’ll show you how to view the available keyboard shortcuts for Gmail and customize them to suit your needs.

Enable Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

To view and then edit your Gmail keyboard shortcuts, you first have to enable them. So, visit Gmail online, sign in, and follow these steps.

  1. Click the gear icon on the top right and select See all settings in the sidebar that displays.
  2. Choose the Advanced tab at the top of your settings. Note: If you see the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, then you’ve already enabled the feature at some point and can skip down to the Customization section.
  3. Click the Enable button for Custom keyboard shortcuts.
  4. At the bottom, click Save Changes.

Gmail Settings, Advanced, Enable Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Your Gmail page will refresh, and you’ll now be able to see and customize the shortcuts.

View Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

After enabling the custom keyboard shortcuts feature, you’ll have a tab for it in your settings. So head back there by clicking the gear icon and then See all settings in the sidebar like before.

The last tab in the Settings is for Keyboard Shortcuts, so give it a click. You’ll see a long list of keyboard shortcuts that are currently active. But there are more!

Settings, Keyboard Shortcuts

You’re going to use the first shortcut in the list, which is to “Open keyboard shortcut help.” Type the question mark (Shift + /) key on your keyboard. This displays a window with many additional keyboard shortcuts.

More keyboard shortcuts

Tip: If you prefer to open this window in a browser tab instead, click Open in a new window at the top.

You’ll notice if you scroll down, there is a slew of shortcuts that are disabled. If you’d like to start using them, click Enable. You can then take advantage of these additional shortcuts. And if you decide, later you don’t want to use them, revisit this same area and click Disable.

Enable more keyboard shortcuts

When you finish reviewing the available shortcuts, it’s time to customize them. Click Close to exit the window and return to the shortcut list in Gmail.

Customize Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

You’ll notice the current keyboard shortcut next to the action, along with an alternative option. Edit the ones you want different shortcuts for and add those where you want another option. Just be careful not to use the same keyboard shortcut for multiple actions.

Customize the Shortcuts

When you finish, scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes at the bottom.

If you make any changes and decide later the shortcuts aren’t working out for you, you can restore them to the defaults. Go back to the Keyboard Shortcuts tab in your Settings, scroll to the bottom, and click Restore Defaults. Then, click Save Changes.

Restore Default shortcuts

Enable, View, and Customize Your Gmail Shortcuts

Whether you want to review the active keyboard shortcuts for Gmail so you can start using them or customize them to your preference, it’s easy to do in Gmail online.

For more, check out how to customize keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft Word or look at our big list of universal web-browser shortcuts.

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