Use an Xbox 360 Controller with Surface RT Games

Playing games on the Microsoft Surface RT with touch and a keyboard does the job, but you can use an Xbox 360 controller too. And it’s easy to set up.

While there are’t a whole lot of awesome apps in the Windows Store yet, there’s definitely some quality Xbox games. Playing them via the touch screen and / or keyboard is alright, but you can also use a controller too. And playing them with a controller makes some of the games a lot more fun and easier to control.

Xbox 360 Controller and Surface RT

Use an Xbox Controller to Play Games Surface RT

I’ve been able to use the Xbox Console Wireless Controller with games on the Surface RT. To do that though, you’ll need to pick up a Xbox 360 wireless gaming Receiver for Windows.

Xbox Wireless Receiver

You can also the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows. While it’s wired, I had one laying around, and don’t have to deal with connecting another device first.

Xbox Controller for Windows

And, it works just as you’d expect. Plug it in to the USB port and wait for Windows RT to recognize it. If you don’t see a notification, you can find it by going into PC Settings and find it under Devices.

Devices Modern Mode

Or you can find it on the desktop by hitting the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + X select Control Panel from the power user menu, then click Devices and Printers.

Xbox Controller Devices and Printers

A lot of the Xbox games in the Microsoft Store allow you to adjust your controller settings for the games.

Controller Settings

Have fun!

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