More Tips for Using Windows 10 Advanced Search Options

The search feature in Windows 10 runs deep. A lot of the same search features you’re used to from Windows 7 still work, but Windows 10 adds a lot more.

The search feature in Windows 10 runs deep. It builds on many of the advances that came in previous versions. We previously looked at using some of these powerful search techniques in Windows 7. Many search operators still work in Windows 10, while some are in File Explorer’s Ribbon interface.

Using Advanced Search Features in Windows 10

Update: Windows Search was decoupled from Cortana and is now its own field (or button) on the taskbar. You can use similar functions to the ones shown below with Windows Search.

Windows Search

One of the first places you can start searching for files in Windows 10 is the Search box on the taskbar. We’ve already covered some of the power search features in Windows 10. One of which is the ability to use filters from the Start menu, and more filters are being added with cumulative updates.

search filters Windows 10

If you upgraded from an older version of Windows, the new File Explorer makes it easier to find files, too. When you enter a query in File Explorer, a context menu of additional options pops up. Previously, some of these tools were syntaxes such as EXT, KIND, TYPE, and TAG. You can still search for files the old way, but now you can visually activate them to filter through.

File Explorer Ribbon Search

Finding applications in the new Start menu is also easier. The All Apps menu organizes installed apps alphabetically. To quickly find an app, click the first letter to go to that application group you need to find.

Search apps first letter Windows 10

Using Cortana for Search

Update: Cortana was decoupled from Windows Search, starting with Windows 10 version 1903. Now there is a Search field on the lower-right corner of the taskbar. You can use that for search now and leave Cortana alone as it appears Microsoft is beginning to abandon it.

Windows Search

Another important search tool in Windows 10 is the digital assistant Cortana. Sure, you can use it to create reminders, track packages, and more. But it also provides great search features for the OS. First, check out our article on using Cortana and Microsoft Edge.


You can also use Cortana to search the weather conditions in multiple locations. Learn more about how to Make Cortana Show Weather for Multiple Cities.


Cortana is also customizable; you can make it use another search engine such as Google, and you can hide or change its appearance on the taskbar. Windows 10 search options provide a service-oriented approach to finding information and answers.

What’s your take? Do you like the new search features in Windows 10? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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