How to Use the Magnifier Tool on Windows 11

If you’re struggling to see, zooming in on text and images can help. Here’s how to use the Magnifier tool on Windows 11.

Did you know that Windows 11 has a magnifier tool that allows you to zoom in on text and other small items? The utility has been part of Windows for some time and is still available in Windows 11.

You can use the magnifier tool to zoom in on text and other objects on the screen. The Magnifier is handy if you have poor eyesight and the text on a page or app doesn’t increase.

If you come across some text or other item on your PC that’s hard to see, we’ll show you how to use the Magnifier tool on Windows 11.

How to Use the Magnifier Tool on Windows 11

If you have a PC and monitor that doesn’t entirely give you a bird’s eye view of text and objects on the screen, you’ll want to use the Magnifier.

To launch the Magnifier, use these steps:

  1. Press the Windows key, search for magnifier, and then select the top result.Use the Magnifier Tool on Windows 11
  2. You’ll notice a small bar with controls when the Magnifier utility opens.Use the Magnifier Tool on Windows 11
  3. When you want to zoom in on an item, click the plus button.Use the Magnifier Tool on Windows 11
  4. The magnifier will zoom in on the text or other object(s). To decrease the zoom, click the minus button.Use the Magnifier Tool on Windows 11

You can zoom in or out of the things you need a better view of. It’s also worth noting that the magnifier has a reading option. Click the Play button to read text aloud to you through your system’s speakers or connected headphones.

It can read anything aloud to you, like documents and web pages. A blue box will highlight the text while it’s reading. Hit the Play/Pause button to stop and start it. Click the arrows on the right or left of the Play button to skip to the next paragraph or go back to a section.

Use the Magnifier Tool on Windows 11

Use the Magnifier Tool Settings

By default, the magnifier tool will increase the size by 100% increments, and the voice used is of a man. You might want to change these settings, so here’s how.

To adjust magnifier settings, do the following:

  1. With the magnifier tool open, click the Settings button on the right.Use the Magnifier Tool on Windows 11
  2. A drop-down menu will display— you can change the voice reading speed and the reader’s voice here.
  3. To access additional options, click Go to Settings at the bottom of the screen. Alternately, hit the Windows key + Ctrl + M shortcut to open magnifier settings directly.Go to Settings Magnifier
  4. To decrease zoom increments, expand the Zoom level option and use the dropdown to change increments. Using this setting is essential if you don’t need 100% increments and want something in the middle.Use the Magnifier Tool on Windows 11
  5. You can also change zoom levels using the plus and minus buttons next to the Zoom level.Change Zoom Levels
  6. You can use Ctrl + Alt + F to get the magnifier in a full-screen view, but you can change it to a different key for various views.change zoom levels shortcuts

Help Your Eyes with Magnifier Tool on Windows 11

The magnifier tool on your PC makes it much easier to view images and words that are hard to see. In addition to helping those with poor eyesight (including reading aloud) will help reduce eye strain.

Windows 11 isn’t the only operating system with a magnifying tool. For example, you can use the magnifier on your iPhone to zoom in on text and other items. If you’re an Apple user, read about the zoom feature on a Mac.

It’s also important to know that you might want text and objects to be larger without using the Magnifier tool. In that instance, you can adjust the display scale settings on Windows 11.

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