How to use Setapp iPhone apps and Save Money

Setapp iPhone apps are here. The “Netflix of Mac apps” now offers mobile apps for a small monthly fee. Can you find your favorites?

The popular Setapp subscription service for Mac has now expanded into mobile. At the time of this writing, subscribers can access nearly 20 apps for iPhone for an extra cost. Here’s how to get up-and-running with Setapp iPhone apps.

What is Setapp?

First introduced in 2017,  Setapp offers over 200 apps (and counting) on Mac for one monthly price. Apps are available in 11 categories, including Creativity, Writing & Blogging, and Task Management. As a subscriber, you can download the apps you want using the Setapp app for macOS. These are full-featured apps available for purchase separately, either through the Mac App Store or a developer site.

Setapp iPhone Apps

Active Setapp subscribers can add the iOS service through the Setapp app on Mac or its website. New users can try the add-on free for seven days. After that, it costs $2.49 per month for each mobile device.

Requirements for the Setapp add-on are:

  • Setapp subscription (or a free trial)
  • One available device in your Setapp account
  • A QR code scanning app on your mobile device. (You can use the native Camera app)

Using Setapp on Your Mobile Device

You must use the Setapp for the macOS app to install and activate mobile apps on your iPhone or iPad. To get started:

  1. Open the Setapp app on your Mac.
  2. Choose Available on iOS on the left side of the app.
  3. Click on the app you want to install on your mobile device. (Don’t click on the Install link under the app’s name since that would add the app to your Mac.)

Setapp iPhone apps.  Install Setapp iOS apps


  1. Choose the iOS App link at the top of the app page.

Setapp iPhone apps.  Setapp example

From there:

  1. Open your QR code scanning app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Scan the QR code on the Setapp app on your Mac. This will take you to the App Store on your mobile device.
  3. Install the app on your phone or tablet.
  4. Click Next Step in the Setapp app.
  5. Scan the QR code on the Setapp app on your Mac. This will activate the full version of the mobile app you just installed.

Setapp iPhone apps.  Unlock iOS app

You’ve now unlocked the iOS app using your Setapp membership. Repeat each step to unlock other apps for your iPhone or iPad.

Setapp iOS Apps: The Best — So Far

As noted, there aren’t many mobile apps available through Setapp. Of those that are, a few stand out.


The popular task manager app lets you schedule and track multiple projects, subtasks, and reminders. Along the way, you can adjust tasks on the fly and stay notified as things on your calendar get closer. With cloud sync, you can address everything on your list across multiple platforms, including macOS, iOS, and, with a separate purchase, Android.


Here’s a smarter calculator for iPhone! Euclid supports Excel formulas, LaTeX, smart converter, and more. Offering an easy-to-use interface, this modern calculator is terrific for students, business people, and everyone else who needs a calculator.

Euclid for iOS also includes a Pro Scan feature that allows you to capture math problems using your Camera app.


With this app, you can simultaneously copy and paste multiple items using a powerful clipboard history manager that keeps track of everything, regardless of the format. Text, pictures, screenshots, links, and more are easily accessible within this fancy app. With iCloud syncing and backup, Paste offers your clipboard history across all of your devices.

Step Two

With Step Two, you can keep track of two-step authentication codes in one location. Adding new accounts to Step Two is as simple as scanning the account’s two-step QR code or manually adding your information. From there, you can access your data on Mac or iPhone. Step Two works with any service that uses time-based passwords (TOTP) for two-step verification, including Amazon, Google, Twitter, and more.

Why Use Setapp for iOS Apps?

It’s too early to determine whether Setapp’s iOS introduction will find success. Quite simply, there aren’t enough apps to make a fair assessment. If the solution does catch on, it could eventually help users save some cash.

The reason? Perhaps it wasn’t clear earlier, but the Setapp titles available for iOS, by default, are also available for Mac. And together, data can flow back and forth between the two locations, if applicable.

As Setapp rightly noted when it announced the new integration:

It’s a package for solving tasks — anywhere and anytime. Wherever your daily flow takes you, we want Setapp to go with you. And now it’s finally possible.

The mobile apps available through Setapp at the time of publication are 2Do, AdGuard, Canary Mail, Diarly, Dropshare, Euclid, Gemini, MindNode, NotePlan, Paste, PDF Search, Session, SQLPro Studio, Step Two, Taskheat, Timemator, Ulysses, and Wokabulary.

Setapp iPhone Apps: Pricing

A Setapp subscription is $10 per month; when paid yearly, the price drops to $9. For $20, you can purchase a monthly family plan that covers four Macs. For $2.50 per month extra, you can add iOS devices to your plan. You may cancel your membership at any time.

You can learn more about Setapp, including subscription information, from the official website.

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