How to Use Power Search Filters in Windows 10

The ability to search in Windows 10 for your files or other items online has become much easier in Windows 10. Here’s a couple of new tips to try.

The ability to search in Windows 10 for your files or other items online has become much easier in Windows 10. It keeps getting better as Microsoft continues to roll out updates, too. Here’s a look at a couple of new and interesting tips you can use to find what you want.

Windows 10 Search Filters

First, if you’re new to Windows 10, there are a couple of ways you can kick off a search. Either click the Start button and start typing your query. Or, type what you’re looking for in the Cortana search field. If you hid the search box to save Taskbar space, click on the Cortana icon first and then start typing.

At the top of the search box, you’ll notice a menu button (ellipsis icon). Click on it to show four different options filter options to filter your results between Apps, Settings, Files, and the Web.

search filters Windows 10

If you’re a keyboard Kung-Fu practitioner, you can type in what you’re filtering. Just type in what you want to find after the colon.

For example, you can type: apps: “query”, settings: “query”, docs: “query”…etc.

power search

Using a power search in Windows 10

These tips tie into the article we wrote: Windows 10 My Stuff Search Feature Finds Items in OneDrive and Connected Drives.


Filtering search queries using the new Windows 10 features

So, hopefully, combining both these tips will help when you’re using Windows 10 search to find specific items.

Improving Search

As Windows 10 continues to get Cumulative Updates, new features, and improvements to search, we’ll be sure to cover them as they develop.

Also, Windows 10 search can be customized in other ways. For more, check out some of our other articles on the subject listed below.



  1. clayto

    February 4, 2016 at 2:55 am

    What you describe is not what I get. There is no search box to type into until I open Cortana,. Clicking Taskbar does bring up a menu but search is not there. I can get search by right clicking the Start button (Window). I cannot get the four filter options by clicking the hamburger menu, when I get is a number of Cortana options like Notebook and Reminders.

    Help with finding the Search Box would be appreciated.

  2. Nancy

    March 27, 2016 at 11:23 am

    Ok this might be the the wrong place for it.
    I was starting on using Windows 10, I was happy on my laptop I found I like microsoft edge and Cortana! Then I started to notice that my computer was getting slower and slower. So I gave my laptop to a friend. I told him I believed it had something to do due with that Windows down load he found I had some . He fixed the problem. I tried to start play around with edge/ Cortana. Norton popped up and said they do not have coverage on Edge , so at this point I’m not using Edge/Cortana. Even though I want to do much!
    Help a lady out?

  3. John

    September 7, 2017 at 6:12 am

    I cannot access any of this because my START button doesn’t work, nor does Cotrtana and Edge. What’s up?
    I’ve tried ALL of the listed “solutions” to this problem but to no avail.


  4. Jeevan Sunkersett

    June 24, 2018 at 10:07 am

    “Microsoft has made further improvements to transferring your license using the Digital License feature. This is one option users should look into first when transferring a license”

    But I did not know this before my old machine (having a valid Windows 10 Pro license) burnt out (overheating issues) – now it only gives the bios (does not boot)

    So had no option but to upgrade motherboard, cpu and ram – but use the same hard disks and (it booted up fine) – but says windows is not activated.


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