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How To Use Pocket with Internet Explorer

One of the services I’ve been using lately to collect articles to read later is Pocket. It has extensions that work great with Chrome and Firefox on the PC. There’s also Pocket apps for Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, and even BlackBerry. Getting it to work with Internet Explorer is a different deal though. You need to add a bookmarklet to IE. Here’s how it works.

Add Pocket to Internet Explorer

Head over to the Pocket on Your Desktop Page. Then drag the +Pocket button to the Favorites bar in IE.

Bookmark Button

After it’s added, when you find a page you want to “pocket” to read later, just click the bookmarklet and it will be added. The icon isn’t as glamorous as in Firefox or Chrome, but it works, and syncs anything you “pocket” to all of your other devices and browsers that have Pocket enabled.

Add to Pocket

Tip: If you want to change the bookmarklet icon, right click it and go to Properties > Change Icon and pick a stock icon or browse to a custom one. Just like creating a custom Windows folder icon.

Change Icon

There currently isn’t an official Pocket app in the Windows Store, but if you have a Surface RT, a great alternative app is LaterMark which you can read about here. It allows you to use the Share charm to sync pages to Pocket in the modern version of IE 10.


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