How To Upgrade RAM In the Mac Mini

If you own a Mac Mini, one of the easiest ways to improve its performance is adding RAM. Here’s a guide that shows you how easy it is.

Last week we took a look at how to find the right kind of RAM for your computer. I also showed you how to add more RAM to a laptop or netbook. If you have a Mac Mini, adding or swapping RAM is easy too.

For this article I’m adding another 4 GB stick to a Mid 2010 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mac Mini. It currently has one 4 GB module in it already.

about Mac 4GB

Make sure to unplug the power and every other peripherals you have connected. Turn it over, and you’ll see the black cover. It opens easy by turning it to the left.

2 turn to open

Remove the cover and place it to the side. Right away you’ll see the RAM slots are easy to access. Right now it has one 4 GB module and an empty slot above it.

Remove Cover

Grab your extra stick of RAM. Line the notches up correctly and slide it in at an angle.

Slide RAM in

Then gently push the module down so it locks in with the metal clips. Make sure not to force it. There’s only one way it goes in.

snap in

After the RAM module is in place, replace the black cover and lock it into place by turning it to the right.

replace cover

That’s it. Now plug in the power cord, monitor, mouse and keyboard. Power up your machine and make sure the memory is recognized. Click the Apple icon and select About This Mac.

Click More Info and you can see I successfully installed the 4 GB stick to get it up to 8 GB.


If your Mac Mini doesn’t recognize the new stick, open the case and reseat the RAM module. Or if you end up with a bad stick, contact the manufacturer to get a new one.

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