How To Uninstall a Windows 8 Apps

While Windows 8 is in the Customer Preview stage, all of the apps in the Store are free. Right now there are some apps that are duds and some you will never use. Here’s how to remove them.

While Windows 8 has gotten several more apps in the Windows Store, there will undoubtedly be some you use once and later want to uninstall. Here’s how to remove them.

For all Windows 8 Metro apps, you won’t find them in Programs and Features in Control Panel. Only the desktop apps you’ve installed will be there.

Programs and Features

Uninstall Windows 8 Apps

Boot Windows 8 to the Start screen. Scroll to the app you want to delete and right click on it’s tile, or long press it. A checkmark appears on the upper right corner of the app tile.

Right Click App

Then select Uninstall from the App Bar at the bottom.


A verification box comes up. Click Uninstall and it’s removed virtually instantly. There isn’t a long uninstall wizard you need to navigate through.

Verify Uninstall

That’s all there is to it. Just remember if you install an app, you need to uninstall it via the modern interface. While you can simply remove system program tiles with a right-click and unpin it. That doesn’t actually uninstall it.

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