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How to Unfollow Posts on Facebook and Stop Notification Emails

When you leave a comment on a Facebook post, it alerts you every time someone comments on it which can be quite annoying if your inbox like mine begins to fill up with notification from Facebook. Fortunately there’s a simple fix to Unfollow a Post you’ve commented on to stop the constant chatter. Here’s how it works.

Login to Facebook and the next time you leave a comment on a post, click the time of the post displayed under the post (you can navigate to this same location by clicking on the Facebook notification email also).

Note: This feature is not available on the mobile version of Facebook.

Facebook Unfollow 1

Click the link Unfollow Post.

Facebook Unfollow 2

If you change your mind later on and want to be notified about new comments, simply visit the post page again and click on Follow Post button.

Facebook Unfollow 3

Ahh…. no more Facebook Spam um.. chatter!

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