Twitter: Find and Unfollow Inactive People

If you are a regular Twitter user, the number of people you follow can get unruly. Here’s a free service that easily finds the people you don’t tweet enough.

If you are a regular Twitter user, it’s a wise idea to unfollow people who are no longer active or don’t tweet much. It can be a time consuming task if you’re following hundreds of people. To help you find inactive users and unfollow them, give unTWEEPS a try.

To get started, open unTWEEPS and click on Sign In with Twitter button.

Unfollow Twitter Users 1

It will ask you to authorize the application to access your information.

Unfollow Twitter Users 2

Then redirects you to the unTWEEPS dashboard. Under you name, select the number of days since the person tweeted and click List Stale Tweeps.

Unfollow Twitter Users 3

A list of all the people who have not tweeted from the number of days you selected is selected. Check the people you want to unfollow.

Unfollow Twitter Users 4

You’re shown a confirmation message after the unfollow process is complete.

Unfollow Twitter Users 5

That’s it! If you want to keep your Twitter account clean, unTWEEPS is a great free service to help get the job done.

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