Ubuntu 11.10: Install the New Version Like a Pro

Canonical has continued to make the Linux desktop experience more accessible to everyday users. Follow the steps below to install the latest and version – 11.10 in a way that will make future upgrades a breeze.

To begin, download the latest version from Ubuntu’s website. For most people, the default 32-bit version is acceptable.

Follow the instructions on the site to either create an installation CD or USB key.

Once completed, insert the CD or USB key into your computer and restart the system.

When it restarts, the Welcome screen appears. Click Install Ubuntu.

On the next screen you’ll be given the option to Download updates while installing and Install this third-party software. As long as you have an internet connection on your computer, select these options.

On the next screen, select the Something else option. This allows you to create separate partitions rather than installing everything onto one.

Select your device on the next page and click on New Partition Table. A message comes up telling you a new partition table will be created. Click Continue.

The Create Partition screen comes up. It lists free space on the drive. Highlight the free space and click on the Add button.

This new partition will be for the operating system. Ubuntu recommends at least 15GB of space for the OS. Make sure the Ext4 journaling file system is selected and set your Mount point to /. Click OK.

Next, create a swap partition. Select the remaining free space and click on Add. As a rule of thumb, I keep the size of the swap partition about 1 ½ times the system memory. Under Use as, select swap area. Click OK.

The rest of the free space will be used for the Home folder. By keeping the Home folder on a separate partition from the operating system, it’s easy to do a fresh install or upgrade of Ubuntu in the future.

Select free space again and click on the Add button. Make sure Ext4 journaling file system is selected and set your Mount point to /home. Click OK when done.

Now the table is set up, click o Install Now.

The Installation kicks off. Enter your location. Select the name of the nearest major city then click Continue.

Select your keyboard layout. Click Continue.

Finally fill out user information. Click Continue.

The rest of the installation will take around 15-30 minutes.

Once complete, restart your computer. Before the restart completes, you’ll be instructed to remove the CD/USB stick.

When Ubuntu starts up, just enter in the password you created during setup.

Now enjoy the new version of Ubuntu.

Using these steps to install Ubuntu 11.10, will make the next version upgrade much easier.

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