Twitter: Eliminate Noise to Find Exactly What You Need

Twitter has so much going on, it’s impossible to find what you’re looking for. You can use Twitter Search, but it’s essentially useless. There’s a better way – here’s how.

Go to and click Sign In With Twitter.

Sign in

Next, authorize PostPost to access your account.
Authorize Account

Then enter your email address. Click Gather My Timeline.

Enter Email

That’s it for now. PostPost will gather your Twitter timeline info and send you an email when it’s finished. The time it takes will vary. It took around 10 minutes in my experience.



After you get the email verifying your account, start searching your Twitter timeline. Search using keywords, brands, products, @usernames and hashtags.


There’s also the ability to search Links, Photos or Videos. Here’s an example of search results for links for anewdomain.


Here’s an example of searching for photos. The PostPost interface is clean and easy to read.


This is a great service to cut through all the Twitter clutter and find exactly what you need. Groovy indeed.




  1. Steve Krause

    Hey I like it. Great tool.

  2. Brad

    Great writeup. So glad you like it. Thanks.

  3. Hammad

    graet tool Brian. Will definitely give it a try

  4. Brian Burgess

    Thanks guys. Yep. This is a great site to cut through all of the clutter on Twitter. Been using it all week. Very Nice.

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