How To Turn On Airplane Mode on the Google Nexus 7

Enabling Airplane mode on the Nexus 7 will stop all data connections and make it safe to use on flights. It’ll also extend the life of your battery a lot!

You’ll certainly need this when you’re flying and still want to play a game or watch a movie on your Nexus 7. Airplane mode will stop all data connections and make it safe for you to use your tablet on board the aircraft. It also  extends the tablet’s battery life, which is necessary on longer flights.

Enable Airplane Mode Nexus 7

There are two ways of doing this. The first one is the simplest. Just hold down the Power button.

Google Nexus 7 airplane mode

Then, just tap Airplane mode in the menu that comes up.

Nexus 7 airplane mode menu

Another way to enable Airplane Mode is in the main Apps menu — tap Settings.

Nexus 7 Settings

Now, under Wireless & Networks, click More.

Nexus 7 wireless more

In the menu that comes up, tick Airplane Mode.

Airplane Mode Nexus 7

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